Humble Author. Creative Spirit. Woman of Faith.

Angie's New Book for Women, Sugar Coated: Finding Sweet Release from Cravings that Control Us is available NOW.

"Women all have yearnings: to experience physical intimacy, to feel desirable and to be unconditionally loved. But sometimes, we grasp at the wrong things and wind up feeling empty and unfulfilled. No more. We gotta quit sugarcoating it and have a conversation, woman to woman."


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Contemporary Artist

As a Santa Fe modernist, Angie's work evokes energy, emotion and contemplation. Her work is featured in esteemed art shows and has recently been featured in Western Art Collector magazine's Women of the West.

Award-Winning Children's Author

Amazon Review: "Finally a voice for tweens that's relatable, funny and even educational. My kids love Angie's books!"

Featured in Western Art Collector Magazine