Creative Spirit. Empowering Author. Woman of Faith.

Angie's New Book for Women, Sugar Coated: Finding Sweet Release from Cravings that Control Us is available now.

"I read this book cover to cover today! Angie is an amazing, uplifting woman of grace and true sisterhood. Her words leap off the page and straight into your heart. She tells it like it is with nothing but pure love for her readers. It truly is time to remove the sugar coat and learn to be the woman you are meant to be! Angie's book will help you start your journey right where you are!!" --Amazon Review

Contemporary Artist

Angie Haskell's geometric modern art captures the essence of the Southwest with a contemporary twist, blending emotional depth with striking visual precision. Her works transform the vast landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the region into intricate geometric compositions, where sharp lines and bold shapes create a sense of both order and dynamism. Through her meticulous arrangement of forms, she invites viewers to experience the Southwest in a new way, where the interplay of geometry and color reflects the intricate layers of history, nature, and human connection.

Award-Winning Children's Author

Amazon Review: "Finally a voice for tweens that's relatable, funny and even educational. My kids love Angie's books!"

Featured in Western Art Collector Magazine