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Angie Haskell



"I read this book cover to cover today! Angie is an amazing, uplifting woman of grace and true sisterhood. Her words leap off the page and straight into your heart. She tells it like it is with nothing but pure love for her readers. It truly is time to remove the sugar coat and learn to be the woman you are meant to be! Angie's book will help you start your journey right where you are!!"  --Amazon Review

All around the world, women yearn for a perfect life they can never grasp. They want to be successful, attractive and sexually fulfilled, all while juggling the realities of being a wife, mother or a litany of other responsibilities. Women can also be guilty of grasping at the wrong "sweet," in hopes of satisfying the secret longings that reside within. 

Often, they are left with a deep sense of shame that can draw them further down into a spiral of bingeing, hiding, and emotional self-flagellation. Angie Haskell wades into their despair. With disarming wit and boldness, she empowers readers to take a hard look at their secret cravings, understand where they are coming from, and get on a path that leads to emotional and physical health.

In a society that has become dangerously divisive, Angie reassures women that they’re still deserving of a relationship with God while also standing up for themselves and their needs. 


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